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Now offering mobile and after hours closings!
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Now offering mobile and after hours closings!
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Title is your right to ownership and possession of your home or property. Title insurance helps protect you from problems that could affect your legal right to own your property. The title company helps uncover and fix problems and defects that could cause you to lose rights to your property.


The behind-the-scenes work of the title company promotes the efficient and secure transfer of real estate. Title insurance doesn't guarantee that you won't have a problem, but it does give you assurance that the title company will be there to help fix the problem or to compensate you financially on covered claims. Unlike other types of insurance, the title insurance premium is paid only once and lasts as long as you own the property.

A nationwide survey found that in 25% of real estate transactions there are defects in the title that are usually unknown. If not remedied before you buy the property, these problems could hurt your right to own or enjoy the use of the property. Title companies pay millions of dollars each year in claims, losses and legal costs protecting the policyholders.

What is Title Insurance?
  • Title insurance protects your ownership in real property, such as your home
  • Protects you from:
    • Another person claiming an ownership interest
    • Improperly recorded documents
    • Fraud and forgery of previous deeds
    • Liens*, enocroachments*, easements*
    • Other items specified in the policy
Why should you get title insurance?
  • The premium for the title policy is only paid once-one time for your peace of mind
  • Lender's title insurance does not protect you from past errors
  • Problems do not always arise, but they can, and our title company will be able to address such problems as:
    • Debts and obligations not created or agreed to by you
    • Not being able to freely sell your property
Who offers the best title insurance rates?
  • Texas has the most highly regulated title insurance in the United States
  • Rates are standardized
  • Terms and coverages are set by the state
  • If a title company offers you any special rates, it is illegal
  • Choose experience
Title insurance is so important in protecting you! Call us today if you have any further questions. We would be happy to help ease your mind.
*lien-a right to keep possession of property belonging to another person until a debt owed by that perso is discharged
*enchroachment-intrusion on a person's territory, rights, etc.
*easement-a right to cross or otherwise use someone else's land for a specific purpose


The title company searches, reviews, and insures titles to land, to help protect homebuyers and mortgage lenders.

Determines if the property is insurable and notifies buyer.


A title company communicates with attorneys, surveyors, tax authorities and others to help cure title defects to get the deal done and make the title insurable.


The title company acts as the central clearinghouse for activities related to closing the real estate transaction. Gets necessary documents signed to transfer ownership and files them with the county.


The title company coordinates and/or handles the closing and provides the parties with copies of relevant documents. Makes arrangements for proper payment and distribution of funds and issues the title policies.

Helping protect your most valuable asset. . . now and in the future.